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About Us

Duke Manufacturing is more than your typical machine shop.

We are an agile, flexible organization that quickly adapts to the changing demands in the marketplace.

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Who We Are

Duke Manufacturing is an agile and flexible contract manufacturing partner that quickly adapts to our customer’s changing demands in every stage of the process from development to full-scale manufacturing.

What We Do

We are experts in machining super alloys such as Inconel, Hastelloy, L605, Titanium and various grades of stainless steel.

We machine forgings, castings, bar stock and waterjet blanks.

How We Do It

  • Encourage free thinking to bring a different perspective to a problem/opportunity
  • Innovate by leaps and bounds
  • Search for solutions that are counter intuitive

Our Strategy

  • Strategic plan based on the voice of the customer
  • Investigate and identify fact-based root cause solutions to address issues
  • Focus on total cost solutions so that our customers and Duke are positioned for growth
  • Implement Kaizen principles in all our processes and activities
  • Gemba is a way of life

Core Values

Our Core Values are our life-blood.

They guide us to our True North and ensure we are always operating at our very best for each and every client.

Team Oriented

We Always put Team First – success is the result of the group


We hold each other Accountable for Results

Embrace Challenges

Never afraid to face challenges that our customers’ present


Recognize creativity, innovation, excellence and superior results


All of our employees and staff operate with the Highest Integrity and Respect for Others

Customer Service

Pride ourselves in our Superior Customer Service and Timely Communication


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