Commitment to Lean Manufacturing / Six-Sigma

Lean and Six-Sigma the Right Way

Today everyone says they are doing Lean and Six-Sigma. At Duke, we benchmark best in class companies such as Toyota and Danaher and apply their concepts to every aspect to our organization. We do Lean and Six-Sigma the right way.

Advanced Quality Product Planning

We use our APQP process to make robust error free processes. We utilize such tools as Control Plans, PFMEAS, Gage R&Rs, etc to accomplish this.

Commitment to Root-Caused Problem Solving

Problem solving is the key to our success. We minimize firefighting by using a structured methodology to tackle problems. It is a visual, metrics-driven, collaborative problem solving process that focusses our team on the most important process metrics. We use tools such as A3s and Fishbone diagrams to ensure we are resolving the root cause and not a symptom.

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